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Steven Sinatra

Technical Experience

  • Semantic HTML knowledge
  • Extensive CSS knowledge
  • JS with working TypeScript knowledge
  • React framework experience
  • Limited experience in accessibility
  • Front-end tooling setup knowledge
  • Extensive Web Performance knowledge
  • UX/UI knowledge, with growth mindset
  • Limited knowledge of GraphQL

Commercial Experience


Lead front-end engineer, Web Performance

  • Working daily on planning on performance work to make Canva fast, leading a team and encouraging external dependencies to help out and build a performance culture.
  • Found quick wins and architectural changes to encourage performance as a default experience.
  • Set up and communicated knowledge on using synthetic metrics and real user metrics on web performance.
  • Casually maintaining build systems and finding improvements on developer experience.

Front-end Engineer, Infrastructure

  • Spearheaded the movement to a front-end build system using Gulp (at the time) to precompile LESS files to CSS on build time rather than on runtime in the browser as a development workflow.
  • Improved standardisation and consistency of CSS-based UI components.
  • Aided in the development of modular JS infrastructure with SystemJS and jspm in personal time with just two people.
  • Delivered performance focused culture, analysed and improved the load time of landing pages, whilst simultaneously collaborated on design and development of new landing pages.
  • Involved in the rollout of Angular to the company front-end infrastructure, migrating sitewide components to the new framework, and made initial development work of the UI components implementation.

Projects & Other Involvement

Written an article about succeeding in a hackathon and lessons learnt from doing it.

More projects and experiments can be found on GitHub.


Academy of Information Technology

  • Diploma of Software Development, 2013 — 2014
  • Bachelor of IT (Mobile Application Development), 2014 — 2015